Monday, May 31, 2010

What do YOU see in their eyes??

It's tough to look at photos of kids that you've never met and think that there's going to be some kind of connection.  And yet, it happens all the time. 

So many of the sponsor families contact me about one specific child that somehow, a picture has spoken volumes to them.  One family asked if a specific child was still available for sponsorship because he is the same age and has the same name as their son.  Another family saw a photo and said, "his eyes look just like my son's eyes!" 

Sometimes, that's all it takes.  To look at a photo and recognize something that makes that child seem like one of your own.  You can look into their eyes and read their facial expression and get a glimpse of the loneliness and longing, or resolve, despair and discouragement that child is feeling.

Sometimes I look at photos of the kids that are smiling - and I swear I see pleading in their eyes.  "Please pick me. Love me. Value me."

Other times I see kids with a sad expression - what has happened that they couldn't even muster a smile for a photograph?  Other times I see a scowl and I recognize despair and discouragement that have settled deeply into their hearts.

Sponsoring a child lifts the burden of hopelessness from their shoulders.  It provides for a child's basic needs, like food, clothing, medical care and EDUCATION.  But it also ministers to their heart - because someone on the other side of the world, loves them, prays for them and values them.  And they get to see the proof of that in the letters they get from their sponsor family.

When you look into the faces of these kids ... what do you see? 

Every one of the kids shown below are hoping for a sponsor family.  Some are afraid to hope - afraid of disappointment - but they are secretly hopeful just the same.  Please contact me at about sponsoring a child (or one of the kids pictured below) at Trees of Glory care-point in Ethiopia. 

I will be in Ethiopia in November with these kids and I will personally give them a hug from you and tell them about your hopes and dreams for them.

Adissu is 7 and lives with his sister.  Both of his parents have died.  He needs to be matched with a sponsor family.  Update:  Addisu has just been matched with a sponsor family!!

Tadele is 10 and lives with his grand-father because he has lost both parents. 
Tadele needs a sponsor family.

Samuel is 6 and lives with his grandmother because both of his parents have died.  He is hoping for a sponsor family.

Hanna is 5 and is living with her grandmother because her parents have died.  She is hoping for a sponsor family.  Update:  Hanna has just been matched with her sponsor family!!

Ayele is 9 and has lost both of his parents.  He lives with his uncle and there are 5 children in the home.  He is hopeful for a sponsor family.

Mentesenot is 5 and lives with his aunt because both of his parent have died.  He's hoping for a sponsor family.  Update:  Mentesenot has just been matched with a sponsor family!!

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