Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Sister, Little Brother

We have just a few final days before the official "end of summer".  School will be starting the day after Labor Day and we are squeezing every drop of summer out of each day we have left ... and we are exhausted! :) 

Along the walking path in our backyard, several patches of wild raspberries have taken root.  The kids spent many days early in the summer picking wild raspberries, which are tiny and somewhat tart.  As the summer wore on, the raspberries no longer appeared and Wesley kept inquiring "what happened to the berries?"  I told him to wait until the end of the summer and we would take him to the biggest raspberry patch ever where the berries were almost as big as him!

Finally the "U-Pick Raspberries" banner went up at the local patch, and I waited for a Saturday to take the kids.  Of course everyone was too busy with their friends to go with Wesley and me.  But with a little coaxing, Emme agreed to join us at the raspberry patch so Wesley could feast on big, plump, ripe raspberries.

The sweet lady at the raspberry patch told Wesley he could eat as many berries as he wanted while Emme and I picked and filled up our little pint containers.  She may not have realized how many berries he could pick and eat in an hour!

When we got home, we promptly washed the berries and then ate them over vanilla ice cream!  Farmers' markets and U-Pick raspberry patches are some of our favorite summer moments!

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Angela said...

Sounds delish!
Love the pictures as always!