Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making a difference for 44 more!!!

Just before we left for Ethiopia in November, we got the wonderful news that 40 more children had just enrolled at the care-point!  (Actually - there ended up being 44 new children!)  Kind Hearts had become stable and secure after 10 months of a reliable and established sponsor program, and more children could now receive the necessities of food, clean water, medical care and clothing - and the benefits of education, Christian discipleship and LOVE!

We could immediately tell who the new kids were!  They had already experienced the many benefits and nutritious food at the care-point for several weeks before we arrived - but they were the children without school uniforms!  But the hope in their eyes and the joy in their faces was the same as all the other kids!!

I'm thankful to be able to say that ALL of the new children at Kind Hearts have been matched with a sponsor family! 

At the moment we have 101 children enrolled at Kind Hearts and every child has a sponsor family!! 

(To all the families that have contacted me about sponsorship - I will be contacting you as soon as we have the profiles for all of the new children at Trees of Glory - hopefully as soon as next week!!  We currently have 84 kids at Trees of Glory and should have profiles on 21 new children soon!)

We will be raising funds for uniforms for the new kids at Kind Hearts, so they can proudly match the rest of their school-mates and have a much-needed change of clothes.  A school uniform (which includes a light blue sweater with a white long-sleeve shirt, and navy blue pants for boys and a dress or skirt for the girls) is $25.  We will need to purchase 44 more uniforms and if we end up with a little extra, we'll purchase a few spares for those kids who are especially tough on their clothes :) 

These are the Kind Hearts uniforms.  The kids are so proud of them! 
These photos were taken last February when the kids first got new uniforms. 
Now the 44 new kids need uniforms, to match their school-mates!

To donate, please go to, click on GIVE. 

Under "choose a fund", select "DESIGNATED GIFT".

Enter $25 (or more).

For the Reference Number, specify ET2110000 (9 characters) and in the notes are specify "UNIFORM". 

It's very important to specify the correct Reference Number and specify "UNIFORM" in the notes area so the funds get designated correctly.  I will keep you posted on our progress on this fund!  (Please send me a quick email at when you give and the amount so I can track our progress in real time.)  We need a total of $1,100 in this fund to be able to purchase uniforms for all the new children.

These are just a few photos of some of the new kids at Kind Hearts that we got to spend time with in November.  We created a care-package for each child while we were in Ethiopia - so that the new kids would not feel left out or overlooked as the rest of the kids got packages from their sponsor family!  Some of the kids were able to meet thier sponsor family that day (a member of our travel team) and others knew that they would find out about their sponsor family soon.

Dave hugs the little boy (Robel) his family is now sponsoring! 

Netsantet now has a sponsor family! 

Tigist now has a sponsor family! 

Zenebech now has a sponsor family! 

Hibist now has a sponsor family! 

Michael is matched to the little girl (Yikram) that he spent time with in Ethiopia. 
SHE is the one that decided he was to be her sponsor! :) 

Becky hugs her sponsor child, Derartu! 

Sarah met Yayineabeba and is now sponsoring her! 

Lindsey met Mekides and is now sponsoring her! 

 Monica met Kalkidan and is now sponsoring her!

 Demis now has a sponsor family!

 Selamawit now has a sponsor family!

Hunde now has a sponsor family! 

Biruk has been matched with a sponsor family! 

Habtamnesh and Dagim are cousins, and they have each been matched with a sponsor family!

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