Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been given a few gems, and I've shared a few too ...

I love coming away from a conversation knowing something new - especially if it's a little tip that makes everyday life a little easier!

It seems that I've had a few gems given to me lately and I've shared a few of my own too. Each family seems to have a few "tips and tricks" that they take for granted because they've "always done it that way" and they thought that "everyone did it that way." :)

If you have a tip or trick that makes everyday life a little easier, email me at kjwistrom@yahoo.com and I'll feature one each week!

Gem #4

The big yellow bus has barely rumbled by our front window when Jayden bursts into the house and in a flurry of dropped mittens, boots, backpack and coat, he pulls open the door to the refrigerator.  Knowing how hungry he is after a long day of learning, we've started keeping a few bunches of bananas on the counter for him.  Bananas not only taste great, but they are full of nutritional calories instead of empty calories ... and they are a super-cheap snack too!

After watching him maim a banana or two when he couldn't pull it open, I showed him a great little trick for opening a banana without mashing it.  Even the littlest kid, Wesley, uses this trick now and can open a banana all by himself.

Open the banana from the "bottom" instead of the "top".  Give the tip (at the bottom) a little squeeze and it will split open.  Then pull it open at the split - with no mashing or maiming. :)

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Jessica said...

I learned the 'open a banana from the bottom' tip from a co-worker last year. He said his grandma taught it to him. His grandma said she learned it long ago from watching an ape open a banana at the zoo.

Usually with helpful tips like this, I use it for a while then revert back to my old ways. However, with this particular trick, it is so much more efficient (and less damaging to the banana/less messy) that there was no way I could go back to struggling with the top of the banana.