Sunday, November 10, 2013

Leaving Soon For Ethiopia ...

Thursday of this week our team of volunteers jets off to Ethiopia to work with the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory.  For some team members, this is their second trip to work with the kids they have come to know and love, for others, it will be their first time in Africa and they are feeling a little fear, a lot of excitement, and a little trepidation as they step into the unknown with open hearts and open minds!  Please keep the team in your prayers as we pour ourselves into these kids and the staff at the CarePoints ...

Sponsor families - THANK YOU for sending a package to your sponsor child!  Our team will give a hug to your child from you as we read your letter to them, show them your pictures and go through the special gift you have sent to them.  Your gift means so, so much to the kids and they feel so special to be remembered by you in this tangible way!! 

As your packages pour in, I arrive home from work each evening to a stack of boxes and packages at my front door - nearly 400 of them!!!  And I am so appreciative of the time and care you take to make your child feel special and loved!

Blogger does not always work well overseas - so please find me and follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates!  Instagram is karenwistrom and Facebook is Karen Wistrom.

Great news before we go ...  ALL of the kids at Trees of Glory received new shoes recently from the youth program at Buffalo Covenant Church in Minnesota.  After months of walking on the harsh, sharp volcanic rock in the area around the CarePoint, the children's shoes were in tatters and soles were worn thru.  When Lindsey's team was there in June, she commented that the children needed new shoes. The youth at Buffalo Covenant Church had just completed a fundraiser and I was happy to be able to tell Lindsey - "New Shoes are on the way!!"
We will be spending time with these precious kids in just a few days!!


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Apryl said...

Surreal to think I won't be with you this year! It's hitting me hard, please (whining, begging) take many photos and video! I search each one for the familiar faces that I love. Will be watching and praying, still cannot believe this is the year we don't make it.
big hugs!!