Thursday, November 24, 2011


As Americans prepare for a long Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family, I thought I would post a few photos of the feast we prepared last week for the 140 children at Kind Hearts CarePoint in Ethiopia.  We purchased 8 lambs for the feast (4 were used that day and the rest will be used for meals next week) to prepare a savory stew (wot), roasted lamb, injera, vegetables, oranges and soda.  Our team of volunteers helped with the skinning, butchering and preparation of the meat - as well as serving the children their meal and cleaning up afterwards.

As my family celebrates Thanksgiving, we will all be reflecting on our time with the kids in Ethiopia and I am especially thankful for the 260+ families that partner with me to serve the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory in Ethiopia.  I am content knowing that together, we are changing the lives of 260 kids who are no longer going to bed each night with an empty tummy and whose minds are being filled with a good education, and whose spirits are being nourished with the love of God!

Ryan helps load the lambs on the top of the van to deliver to the CarePoint. 

Mike helped with the butchering and the preparation of the meat for roasting. 

Alex roasted the meat over an open fire.  We all sampled some with our
lunch and it was delicious and flavorful although quite chewy.

The delivery "truck" arrives with our Coke and Fanta for the kids - a rare treat for special occasions! 

 Plates of injera are prepared for the lamb stew.

Each child gets in line to wash their hands before the meal. 

Mmmmmmmmm! Tasty anticipation! 

The youngest kids are served first while the older kids play on the new playground equipment.  The kids line up remarkably fast and sit so still for their meals - they also try to share their food with us and any child who still wants more. 

 We created an "assembly line" to pass the plates from the kitchen to the waiting kids.

Thank you to each and every sponsor family for loving these kids, praying for these kids and providing for these kids.  YOU have changed their lives!  Two years ago we began working with Kind Hearts with 68 kids!  Today we have 140 happy, healthy kids being served by the outstanding staff at Kind Hearts and Children's HopeChest!

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