Sunday, November 27, 2011

It is clear she will need additional surgery ...

So many people have asked me for an update about Webit, the 8 year old little girl at Trees of Glory who had surgery in March for a bone deformity in her lower leg that had initially been treated by the local "traditional healer" which caused a severe infection to set in.  Hundreds and maybe thousands of people have been praying for her and many people provided funds for her initial medical care and surgery.  Click here to read the original blog post from March.

For several months after the surgery, Webit lived at the CarePoint so she could get 24 hour care and the hygiene needed to keep her wound clean and healing.  All signs pointed to a good recovery, and Webit was up and around shortly after her cast was removed.  But just 2 weeks ago, her lower leg started to become painful again and within about a week, she was limping and needing to be carried again.

With great concern, the CarePoint director, Simret, took me by the hand and lead me to Webit when I asked about her.  With tears in her eyes and a furrowed brow, Simret shared her fears with me while she pressed my hands between hers ... the pain is becoming difficult for her to manage ... she has little appetite ... Webit does not like to be a problem for anyone but it is clear she is in much pain ... she will need more surgery ...

Simret checking on Webit throughout the day.

I spotted Webit right away, a thin little waif of a girl, being carried on her sister's back as if she weighed as much as a feather.  I went to her and lifted her from her sister ... she wrapped her arms around my neck ... and she weighs about as much as a feather.  Her sister seemed relieved to have me carry her and yet she never complains or asks for help.  She is willing and ready to carry her wherever she needs to go.

Webit wanted to participate in all of the classroom activities and lessons.  She was trying to downplay the pain, but it was evident.  Whenever the kids finished up in one classroom and it was time to rotate to the next, one of us would scoop her up and carry her to the next classroom.

When it was time to sit with her to give her the care-package sent by her sponsor family, she smiled a huge smile and hugged the photo to her chest.  I asked if she remembered Laura and Charlie and she nodded vigorously.  The Herwehe family also sponsors her older sister, Belyu, who is 12 years old.

I asked if I could see her leg, and she dropped her chin to her chest but nodded her consent.  It seemed to hurt her as I carefully pulled her stretch pants up to her knee to see her scar.  Although her scar looks to have healed well, I could see swelling above the incision (near her knee) and at her ankle.  I could also see what looked like the bone pressing against her skin.  Webit seemed embarassed by the attention and quickly moved to push her pant leg down to cover her leg when I raised my camera.  I could tell that she did not want her leg to keep her from the activities and lessons being taught that day.

Children's HopeChest is working with the staff at Trees of Glory CarePoint to figure out the next steps for Webit's treatment.  It is clear that the bone in her lower leg is continuing to grow abnormally and will require further treatment and surgery.  I was told that there are only a few (2 or 3) bone specialists in Ethiopia - one of them is her doctor and it is difficult to get an appointment because he is in such great demand. 

Please keep Webit in your prayers as we navigate the medical system in Ethiopia for her.  One of the members of our travel team generously committed to providing the funds needed for her medical care and surgery, but if you would like to help as well, you can make a donation on the Children's HopeChest website at, click on GIVE.  For the account code, specify ET2119000, and in the Notes area, specify MEDICAL FUND.

I am thankful for our team of sponsors and our CarePoint staff who can ensure that Webit gets the medical care she needs.

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