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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks: Ethiopia

It's 5 am on a Saturday morning as I begin to write this post, sitting in a pool of lamplight in a dark and quiet house.  (Our team of volunteers worked hard and slept little and arrived home Tuesday evening completely spent and poured out for the kids.) 

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us and the hub-bub of family and holiday activities are still at the moment ... and my mind goes back to Ethiopia. 

The last several nights, I wake up dreaming of Ethiopia, still thinking I am there with the kids and the team ...

There is much to update ...

Progress is palpable at both of the CarePoints. 

Challenges are before us as well. 

Most importantly, the 400 children being served at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory CarePoints are thriving!  Laughter, love and hope abounds and it is visible, tangible and real.

Reflecting on Thanksgiving ... Giving thanks ... I think of each one of these people who I had the honor of working alongside over the past two weeks.  I watched them pour themselves out before and during the trip for the kids and the CarePoint staff and our Children's HopeChest team.

Our dedicated Children's HopeChest team!