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Monday, August 29, 2011

... And they lived happily ever after!

Saturday was a picture perfect day for a wedding! 

And as luck would have it, Beth and Brent got married that day at a picturesque lakeshore cottage in Wisconsin, in an intimate family gathering on the shores of the lake where Brent spent his childhood summers.

Beth asked me to photograph this momentous day - and I was honored to be a part of it and to capture these beautiful moments for the two of them!

A dress for a princess!

Beth's attendant Tracy had every detail attended to.

Brent awaits his first glimpse of his bride on their wedding day.

The "first look".

A special day for the mother of the bride - it was so obvious Sharon was treasuring these
moments and is very proud of her daughter.

The gorgeous bouquets were created by Beth's talented and creative Aunt Linda!

The beautiful bride!

A much-needed break between family photos!

Beth with her childhood friends, Katie and Tracy.

The groom, his father, his best man and the pastor arrive on the
pontoon for the wedding ceremony.

The father of the bride places his daughter's hand in her husband's.

The couple's nephew wants to be in the center of the show - so he darts from
his seat in the audience and dives into Beth's dress!

 After the ceremony, Brent and Beth take a short drive in the pontoon
to have a few minutes alone as husband and wife.

And they lived happily ever after!

Congratulations Beth and Brent!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


On July 21 (which just happened to be my birthday), I sent an email to all of our sponsor families for Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts CarePoints in Ethiopia and posted about it on this blog!  CNN was reporting on the severe drought in the Horn of Africa, and our CarePoints in Ethiopia (especially Trees of Glory) were already feeling the affects of the drought.  Children's HopeChest had already been working on the permits and cost analysis and geographic survey for a well at this rural care-point, but with the drought conditions, this project became especially urgent.

One month later - I am thankful (and amazed!) that all $25,000 for this project has been raised.  My sincere and heartfelt THANKYOU to every donor that responded so quickly to this crisis.  We will be wiring the funds to Ethiopia so that the project can begin - and I will report on any updates and post pictures as drilling begins!!

A well like this will soon be drilled at Trees of Glory care-point!

I will be leading a team of 25 volunteers to Ethiopia in November, to work with the kids at Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts - and we will get to see the new well at each location!  Life-giving, life-sustaining water that is now a fact of life for the children at Kind Hearts AND Trees of Glory!!

Fundraiser Thermometer

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sure Sign of a Great Weekend!

This is the last photo on my memory card for this weekend - and it's a sure sign of a great weekend at the lake when you have a dozen wet towels hanging over the railing at the end of the day!

Emme and Jayden have a running challenge to see who can get up first on a new piece of water equipment.  Neither one of them comes right out and says it - but they are both eager to be the first to try and they only allow each other 3 tries before it's the other's turn.  A few weekends ago, they tried wakeboarding and wake-surfing at our friends, the Grahams.  And this last weekend, they both tried wake-skating and got up within the first few tries!


Maea prefers the knee-board and gets some good air on her jumps.

Wesley likes the kneeboard too - although it's pretty easy for him since he weighs about as much as a baby bird.  He can balance on the board while he waits for the boat to circle around and drop the rope in his lap.

And when he gets bored and tired while the other kids take their turns, he has the rear-view mirror to entertain himself.

Overall - a great weekend full of family time and fun.

That's Jay wake-skating and me driving and photographing him
in the rear view mirror (I am a multi-tasker :)

If you sit on the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), it's easy to take a
little one along for the ride.  Wesley sat on the back for over
an hour, pretending to fish from the back of the board
with a long piece of sea-grass.