Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Good progress is seen in her health status"

It was about this time last year when we first became aware of the condition of a little girl in Ethiopia (Webit) at our Trees of Glory CarePoint, who was born with a leg deformity and had recently been treated by the village shaman which caused a severe infection.  She was rushed to the hospital at death's door, the infection was brought under control, surgery was performed and a large section of the bone was removed.  (See original post HERE.)

Many families (especially her sponsor family) have continued to pray for Webit over the months.  When my volunteer team was at the CarePoint in November, Webit had just taken a turn for the worse and it seemed the infection (and significant pain) was setting in again.  

Her older sister was carrying Webit to and from the CarePoint and to each of her classes.  When I picked her up, she seemed as light as a feather and I could feel her bony frame as I carried her to the lunch room.  Her leg was swollen and painful, and it was clear she was losing weight and needed medical attention again.

Webit was scheduled for another doctor visit (there are very few bone doctors in Ethiopia and it is very difficult to get an appointment), and once again antibiotics were prescribed for an infection in her leg.  Her condition is being monitored closely and Webit is living at the CarePoint again full-time so that she can get the medical care, hygiene, rest and good nutrition she needs.  

The doctor also feels that Webit has been favoring her leg because of her past condition which has hampered the healing process.  He is recommending physical therapy, which the care-point is helping to administer.

Here is an update from the field and a recent photo of Webit at her doctor visit:

Webit was able to visit her doctor twice in a month. Good progress is seen in her health status.

The doctor said that Webit should get nutritious food in order to gain weight. So she will be with Simret (director of the care-point) for the next 2 months. And the doctor will check her health status after two months.

Some of the help that Simret and the TOG staff will give to Webit are:

A) Exercising to walk properly (physiotherapy)
B) Balance diet
C) Hygiene treatment

Please keep Webit in your prayers as Children's HopeChest and the staff at Trees of Glory continue to work on her behalf with the medical team in Ethiopia.

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