Saturday, February 25, 2012


Kind Hearts CarePoint in Ethiopia is serving nearly 150 children and there have been many times when access to a reliable vehicle has been necessary, but they have had to make do without.
When a child becomes ill and needs medical treatment, a vehicle would provide quick access to a doctor or medical center. Even tasks as simple as bringing fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market would be quicker and easier, and less expensive without the additional delivery fees.

Fortunately, Kind Hearts does have a small truck that has been sitting on the property for a number of years. With a little elbow grease and ingenuity, the truck is nearly running again and a mechanic has reviewed the truck and provided an estimate for final repairs that would bring it into good running condition so it can serve the needs of the CarePoint as they care for the kids. With licensing, the repair total is $2,040. Your gift in any amount will help provide this crucial necessity for Kind Hearts.

To make a secure donation to the vehicle fund at Kind Hearts through the Children's Hopechest website, please click HERE.

 This photo was taken 1 year ago and the old pick-up truck is shown behind the kids.

Photo taken just a few months ago, the truck has a fresh coat of paint
and is nearly in running condition.  Final repairs and licensing will cost $2,040
and then Kind Hearts will have the use of a vehicle!!

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