Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kids say the funniest things ...

I have a small notebook in my purse and another by my computer, that I use to jot down things the kids say that make us laugh.  These things that get said throughout the course of a day are too funny (and too endearing) to forget so I write them down. 

Left to right, Maea (13), Jayden (10), Emme (15), Wesley (5)

Here are a few ...

On a warm summer evening, Jayden had been outside playing with friends and he came inside with a frustrated look on his face.  Batting his hands in front of his face and over his head, he said with disgust ... "Those mosquitos keep taking my juice!"

Coming home from a soccer game in the summer as the girls were peeling their sweaty socks and shoes off, Wesley pipes up "I like you's legs better than you's feet because you's legs don't smell always."

Wesley trying to tempt his older sister into coming to school with him ... "Do you wish you were in my class?  We have toys!!!!"

I got an email from the school telling me that Maea was missing an assignment.  I questioned her about it and she got defensive.  "It's not a big deal, Mom.  I have A's in ALL of my classes!..... except one or two."

Jayden was pouting and sighing loudly as he went upstairs to get ready for bed.  He felt it was unfair for him to have to go to bed earlier than his teenage sisters.  When Jay went upstairs to say goodnight, Jayden's brow was still furrowed and his lower lip was still in a pout.  Jay asked him, "What's wrong, buddy?" To which Jayden sullenly replied, "Nothing!  It's my time of the month."  Jay told him, "Hmmmm, you better go talk to your mom about that."

Jay and I were looking at photos of a homecoming dance that teenagers from our hometown had posted online.  We got to a few photos that showed a small bus had been rented to bring the teens to the dance and there was a stripper's pole in the bus.  I made the comment to Jay, "I wonder if their parents realized there was a stripper pole on that bus?"  Before he could answer, Emme grabbed the computer and said "What is that pole?"  I explained it to her and she looked at me with some bit of surprise and said, "I thought that pole was just for holding on to so you don't fall down." 

Jayden came home earlier than expected from his friend's house because there "was a lot of people coming over to give the baby a bath."  I was puzzled for a moment and then I realized what he meant, "Were they having a baby shower? I asked.

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Eric Indiana said...

As a teacher, I hear lots of unintentionally funny things. Some of them aren't appropriate to share because filtered through adult ears they sound so bad. But here are some of the strange and funny ones I've heard: http://daisybrain.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/funny-things-kids-have-said/