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Monday, December 8, 2008

We are Home!!!

We are home and all is well. We were met at the airport by my entire family (parents, brother, sister and their families) and several dear friends! Coming down the escalator to the baggage claim area, I could see all the little cousins and friends squirming and waiting anxiously to meet the boys - with a big "welcome home" sign! We were on the tail end of a 30 hour journey (we ended up sitting in Rome for about 3.5 hours so we were on that plane for about 20 hours total) and the boys were wiped out. Tariku had slept soundly on the flight from Washington DC to Mpls, and it was the middle of the night in ET. So he could barely open his eyes to look at everyone. It was so good to see everyone and to finally be home.

We were packed to the rim on the way home, not only with our luggage, but with prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days. When we got home, our frig, freezer and pantry had been filled with yummy food by our dear friends from our small group! Somebody even thought of whole milk for Tariku which he has insisted on keeping on tap in his sippy cup.

We went to bed last night around 7 pm and slept until 8 am this morning - all 6 of us! We are feeling well rested at the moment - just weary and fatigued in our bodies. The boys have been making lots of fun discoveries this morning - including the snow!!!!!

I'll blog more later and share pictures as soon as I can. Thank you everyone for your prayers during our journey and during our transition with the boys! with love, Karen


Sherry said...

Karen - We are thrilled to hear that you made it home safely! I have LOVED following every detail of your posts from ET. You made me feel like I was there :) (Maybe just wishful thinking LOL!) We will be praying as you recover from your trip and settle in to new routines. What a blessing to have your boys home!

Sherry Semlow

Sara Fischer said...

Hi Karen!
This is Sara, Rachel Ward's sister. I am so glad that you are home...Rachel can attest to the fact that I was glued to your blog all week last week because I would copy and paste them into emails for her! Your details were so vivid of everything you did; having been there in October myself I could see everything you were describing! (To be honest...I have been glued to all the families' blogs of the children I met at the TH. It is such a gift to see these kids unite with their families!) I'm so glad that your precious boys are HOME!
I think you might be mailing me something from Rachel? No rush, but you can email me at and I will send you my address if R didn't already give it to you. Thanks!

Karen said...

Welcome back! It has been so amazing to read your blog over the last week or so! I'm sure you took in more experiences than you could even explain.

We can't wait to hear more updates about the trip and your new life together. :)

*karen b

Jaime said...

oh, karen! i have been following your adventures in ethiopia, and just wanted to say "WELCOME HOME!". i so appreciated your posts, and i feel more prepared and excited to go myself. your words made me feel like i was there! thank you!

Karla said...

WELCOME HOME, ALL! So wonderful to welcome you all home last night! Can't wait to see your pictures! Tons of love - Karla

small world said...

Welcome Home!! So happy for all of you that you made it and all is well. When things settle down maybe we can chat on the phone again. I bet Etsegenet would love to say "hi" to the boys.
Love, Theresa

Rob and Candy said...

Karen & family, welcome home! I loved following your blog while you were in ET. I cannot imagine the boys faces when they saw snow!

Anonymous said...

HI! So glad to hear you've made it! :)
And snow! How fun for the boys!
Can't wait to see pics in the weeks to come. :)
With love,