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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the topic of skin color ...

Wesley, age 3, knows his colors very well. He even readily identifies white, khaki and black. I know this because every 30 seconds or so he will confidently notify me with a point of his finger in the direction of a color, and announce "Mom, yellow!, Mom, orange!, Mom, black! Mom, blue!", and so on, and so on and so on. And he is correct every time. He even understands shades of the same color and will identify the color family. When I show him 4 or 5 different shades of blue, he understands they are all in the blue family.

A few days ago, he pointed to his hair and said "black". Then he pointed at Jayden's hair and said "black too". I pointed out how Emme and Maea's hair is blonde, and mine is red and Jay's is brown, and that yes, his and Jayden's hair is "the same, and it is black". He seemed pretty pleased with that.

Then he pointed to his arm and said "brown". "Yes", I said, "your skin is brown". Then he pointed at my arm and I wondered what he would say. He pondered for a moment and then announced "orange!" Not white, but orange. How interesting! Then he turned his hand over to his palm, and placed it on my open palm, and with his little finger wagging back and forth between both of our hands, he said ... "same".

WOW - truth from the mouth of a child, because they are indeed the same! I told him, "Yes, you are right. Inside we are the same too!"

We took the kids fishing last weekend. The last time we went fishing, we did not catch any fish and Jayden kept looking at us expectantly, trying to figure out what the big deal was with holding a string in the water. Now he knows! And he LOVED it! Wesley was even brave enough to hold his little hands out as Jay took each fish off the hook. Wesley would then clap his other hand over the fish, sandwiching the fish between both hands, and then walk to the edge of the dock to release the fish back into the water.

That evening, Jayden asked, "tomorrow we fish?". "Probably not tomorrow," I told him. He then explained to me what his preference for tomorrow is ... "go to sleep, wake up, open eyes, go fish". Hmmmmm ... spoken like a true Minnesotan!

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Becky Lee Burk said...

As usual your post is precious. I too with I could just wake up, open my eyes, and then fish all day. By the way, My husband has taken to saying "hundred million dollars" all time now. ie. I say "are you hungry" and he says, "I'm 'hundred million dollars' hungry". :)