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Monday, February 15, 2010

Kind Hearts Update!!

One of our sponsors was in Ethiopia recently and was able to visit Kind Hearts and spend time with the children. Here are a few photos she took last month at Kind Hearts in Ethiopia. As a sponsor, it's so rewarding to get photos and updates, and to actually see the child you are sponsoring as they benefit from healthy meals and a nurturing environment!!

This is Becky Burk with her sponsor child, Meskerem. I hope every Kind Hearts sponsor gets the amazing experience of meeting their sponsor child someday!!

There are 68 children attending Kind Hearts care-point and school and they are ALL matched with sponsors. Each sponsor family has committed to contributing $34/month to cover all of their basic needs. These kids are now able to rely on daily meals as well as education, clothing, medical care and Christian discipleship. Each child at Kind Hearts knows that there is a family in the United States that cares for them, prays for them and writes letters to them - and they treasure that relationship!
Both of our teachers at Kind Hearts are sponsored as well - so that we can ensure that they get a monthly salary and are able to devote their love and attention to each of the kids without worrying about an occassional missed paycheck because of short funds.
In the months ahead, more children will begin attending Kind Hearts (there are currently 68 children but they have capacity for 110). If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please email me at and I will contact you as soon as more children arrive at Kind Hearts.

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