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Friday, May 28, 2010

New Care-Point in Ethiopia - Kids Need a Sponsor!

Seble is 5 and lives with her grand-mother.  She has been matched with a sponsor family!

Elias is 8 and has lost both of his parents, and lives with his grand-mother. 
Elias has been matched with a sponsor family!

Edelam is 4 and needs a sponsor family.

Samuel is 6 and needs a sponsor family.

Children's Hopechest has just started working with a new care-point in Ethiopia (about 2 hours North of Addis Ababa) that serves 84 orphaned and destitute kids.

Although the terrain and the landscape are beautiful, this semi-mountainous region has been hit hard by famine and drought.  The local government has identified the neediest and most vulnerable children in the area, and has assiged 84 children to "Trees of Glory".  Children's Hopechest is working with "Trees of Glory" care-point to develop a sponsor program.

Most of the children are orphans and are living with a relative (i.e. uncle, aunt, sister) that is barely able to provide for the kids, and therefore many of them are severely malnourished. Many of the children don't attend school and are "employed" to herd cattle, goats and livestock for about $12 a year.  Without a sponsor, these children will never have the opportunity to go to school, because they are already "working" to keep a roof over their heads.

Sponsorship ($34/month) will provide nutritious meals, clothing, medical care and an opportunity to go to school!! The staff at Children's Hopechest has already started meeting with the kids, counseling, mentoring and demonstrating the love of God.  Each child at "Trees of Glory" is excited to find out about their sponsor family, and to begin receiving letters from their sponsor.

I'm looking forward to seeing the impact our sponsor program will make for the kids at "Trees of Glory"! If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact me at and let me know if you would like to be matched with a boy or a girl, and if you want to sponsor 1 child or a sibling group of 2.

I will then email you a photo and biographical information about your sponsor child, and instructions on how to register as a sponsor. I have already started matching children with their sponsor family - please contact me right away! 

I will be travelling to Ethiopia in November to work with the kids at "Trees of Glory" and our other care-point, "Kind Hearts"!

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