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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Endless Soccer Season Comes to an End ...

Working full time, having 4 full time kids, plus a full time husband, and having 3 of those kids playing on travelling soccer teams ... is not conducive to keeping up with blogging lately.  Especially when 2 of those kids qualify for the state soccer tournament!!

We spent 4 days in Lakeville, MN at the state soccer tournaments as our daughters advanced through each round of play! Maea's team (who was undefeated for the entire season) ended up getting 3rd place.  Emme's team kept winning, and played for the championship, only to lose by one goal in the last minute of the game.  Her team ended up with 2nd place in the state tournament.

I have lots to catch up on in the next few posts ... but here is a photo recap of last Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ....

The "ball boys" hanging out behind the goal. Jayden played travelling team soccer as well, but his team did not make it to the state tournament (this year).

Maea's first of two games in the state tournament.

Maea's team ended the tournament with 3rd place.  What a talented group of girls that are incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic about Wright County Soccer!

Jayden with his favorite seat during the games.

Maea and Wesley waiting for Emme's game to begin.

Soccer is a family affair.  Wesley (4), Maea (11), Jayden (9), Emme (13)

Emme's team takes the field and wins their first game!

The kids have THE BEST daddy!

Wesley giving Emme a little enouragement before her next game.

I was standing in the corner of the field trying to get a good shot,
and these two kept hamming it up for me. :)

This is what Wesley does now when I point the camera at him.

This is Maea's imitation of Wesley.

Wesley asks, "Daddy .. You love me?"  Jay answers, "Yes, Wesley.  I love you" 
Wesley LOVES to hear us say that we love him!  He absolutely revels in it!!

Emme's team gears up for the championship game!

A tough loss by one goal in the final minute of the game ... but they're still smiling!


Karla said...

These were so fun! :o)

Debb said...

WOW! You are BUSY! Such a beautiful family to be busy with! :) Thank you for sharing in our excitement of being DTE, Karen! My smile is BIG as I think of how you helped inspire us to this point, and continue to share in our joy! I LOVE IT!!!! And now, we can kick back (aka no paperwork......for now) and watch God move as He divinely creates our family! So HAPPY to be sharing this journey with you! Big Hugs ~