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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Summer ...

As the first day of school approaches, I always feel a sadness for another summer gone by ... too quickly.  After all, in Minnesota we only have 3 months of summer (and we live it to the fullest) and the rest of the year is ... winter.  Sigh ...

The alarm went off painfully early.  It was cold and blustery.  55 degrees.  So much for the cute capris, shorts, and layers of tanks and t's that were carefully laid out last night in anticipation.  A decidedly resounding end to the summer.  Before the clock struck 7 am ... the girls headed off to school.

An hour later, the scene was repeated for the littler kids, as moms and dads took shelter from the cold rain and wind in our garage to see their littles off on the first day of school.

Wesley and I headed to the coffee shop.  Me for a grande mocha with skim and whip, and him for a hot chocolate, skim and whip :)  We watched the rain come down and we swung our feet from the high stools.  We savored the quietness for a few minutes ... the rain seems to put a hush on everything.

"Mmmmmmm ... it's good," he said.  "Let's go, Mom". 

And he's right.  It is good. 

It's a strange melancholy feeling to watch time slip away and the kids growing up and away.  But at the same time - we are truly savoring every moment, living life to the fullest ... and IT. IS. GOOD.

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