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Monday, December 27, 2010

It's all fun and games until somebody loses ...

With all the snow we've been getting, the kids are making good use of it this winter.  The two oldest have been ice skating for years and the two littlest have become quite adept at it too.  We've been blanketed by a few feet of snow in the last few weeks, and the kids took full advantage of the drifts and the hills to do some sledding over the holiday weekend!

We nestled into a lake cottage for the holiday weekend, just the six of us.  We had a DVD player for movies but no cable TV ... and it was wonderful!!  Lots of good conversation and time with the kids, both indoors and out. 

Wesley (4) has learned to play checkers and likes to challenge everyone to a game. 

Of course it's all smiles and giggles and fun ... until he loses.  (WARNING:  You're about to see his pouty face, up close and personal!)

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