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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Care-Packages for Kids in Ethiopia!

My friend, Joey Austin, is leaving on March 9 to lead a team of volunteers to Ethiopia.  During their trip, they will be visiting Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory CarePoints to work with the kids and the staff.  Many of the volunteers on Joey's team are teachers, and they will specifically be working with the teaching staff at the CarePoints to develop curriculum and share teaching ideas.

Joey's team generously volunteered to take a care-package to each child from their sponsor family!  With nearly 300 kids at the CarePoints, this is no small undertaking and a large volunteer team is needed in order to disperse care-package throughout luggage. 

Sponsors reacted immediately and have mailed a package to Joey for delivery to their sponsor child.  Right now, Joey's dining room is overflowing with packages that will soon be on their way to Ethiopia!  Ten totes are full and more packages are arriving!

THANK YOU to each sponsor family for supporting, providing for and demonstrating your love to these kids!!

Joey's team also raised funds for the trip and enough was raised to provide a brand new pair of shoes for each child at Kind Hearts!  (My team bought shoes for the kids at Trees of Glory in November.)  Funds were just wired to Ethiopia and the kids have been measured for shoes.  While Joey's team is in Ethiopia, those shoes will be delivered and they will personally be putting them on each child's feet!!  Joey will take photos during their visit at the CarePoints and I will forward them to each sponsor family when she returns from Ethiopia.

Please keep Joey and her team in your prayers as they minister to the kids and staff in Ethiopia, March 9-16.

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Apryl said...

I'm so excited to watch as they take this trip! We had such a hard time cramming things into such a small bag (my sister delivered a gallon bag to me bc she didn't read your email closely enough, then balked when I said, "NO--a QUART!" Please give her our abundant thanks for taking the packages to our sponsor children!