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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New School Uniforms Needed for Kind Hearts Kids

The kids at Kind Hearts CarePoint in Ethiopia are in need of new school uniforms.  If you look closely, you'll see torn zippers on the pants and sweaters, along with ripped pockets.  For the kids that have been attending Kind Hearts for over 2 years, we last purchased uniforms for them in May 2010 (almost 2 years ago).  Those uniforms are still being worn every day to school, unless they have fallen apart or been handed down to a younger child.

In May 2011, we purchased uniforms for the new kids that had just enrolled (about 1 year ago) and those uniforms are still being worn to school every day!

For the newest kids that enrolled in September at the new school year, we could pick them out easily because they don't yet have a school uniform unless they inherited one from an older sibling.

A school uniform includes pants for the boys and pants or a skirt for the girls - along with a long-sleeve white button down shirt and a light blue sweater. The children are each measured and then the uniforms are sewn by a local uniform maker.  The uniforms are designed to fit each child - but with cuffs and longer hems so the child has room to grow and can wear the uniform as long as possible.

In Ethiopia, a school uniform is required for most schools.  The kids attending Kind Hearts were never able to afford uniforms and there were many proud, excited smiles when they first received their new uniforms.  A uniform is not only a welcome and much-needed change of clothes, but they signify that a child is getting a valuable education and they belong at KIND HEARTS!

$20 will provide a new uniform for a single child.  We now have 141 children attending Kind Hearts, so $2,820 needs to be raised to outfit all of the kids with a new uniform. 

Will you help provide funds for a school uniform for the kids at Kind Hearts? 

To see our progress on this fund or to make a donation, please click on this link

As soon as the funds are raised, the children will be measured for new school uniforms and I will post pictures here when they are delivered and given to the kids!

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