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Saturday, January 12, 2013

We May Never Know ...

Over the last two years, after Jessica Irvin visited Trees of Glory CarePoint and met the staff and the kids, she has been a tireless advocate.  Giving a voice to the orphaned and destitute children attending Trees of Glory, telling friends and family about sponsorship, raising funds for livestock and books, and being a constant support and encouragement for Simret (the founder and director of Trees of Glory).

Jessica and I have emailed back and forth over the years and have always looked forward to meeting each other in person and hoping that our schedules would coordinate some day and she would be able to join one of our volunteer teams.  Imagine my amazement when her trip to Ethiopia to finalize the adoption of their son Eli, perfectly timed with our volunteer team trip this November!!

Jessica and Nick, and their son Caleb, were able to join us for two days as we worked with the kids at Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts!

Below is a photo of Meseret, Jessica and Nick's sponsor child at Trees of Glory.  Jessica has visited Meseret on at least two previous occasions, spending time with her, encouraging her, praying for her and trying to coax her out of her shell.  Unfortunately, Meseret always reacted the same, with fear, reservation and distance.  Until this time... 

We may never know what exactly caused Meseret to suddenly blossom into a confident young girl with a dazzling smile that shines like a piercing light in the darkness.  Was it Jessica's repeated visits?  Simret's constant care?  The love and prayers and encouragement of the TOG staff and the Children's HopeChest staff?  Or a combination of all?

Meseret's profile photo, Summer 2010
November 2012
November 2012, With her sponsor family, Jessica, Nick and Caleb

To read Jessica's blog about her experience at Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts CarePoints, please click to her blog at Defending the Fatherless.  Click over now, it's a great read with videos too!

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Heather said...

Jessica is such an inspiration to me, and I am thankful to call her my friend.