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Monday, April 8, 2013

Wrapped in a long distance hug!

Etenesh waited her turn with the other kids and I could see her visible excitement as the child in front of her sat down with the translator and one of our volunteers.  She rocked forward on her toes and waited patiently, a smile slowly spreading on her face. 

I gestured for her and she sat down between Helina (our translator) and Paul (one of our volunteers).  Etenesh gazed with curiosity as her package was found labeled clearly with her name.  About a month earlier, Etenesh's sponsor family, the Klein's, had written a letter to her, including family photos and several small gifts they hoped she would like and would need.

Etenesh looked at the pink and purple shirts, and all of the lovely things the Klein's had chosen for her and her eyes kept searching for the photos of her sponsor family.  I watched her smile and settle as the letter appeared and she leaned back to hear the encouraging words written just for her.

I was snapping photos as the letter was read ... and suddenly Paul and Helina wrapped arms around themselves as Paul read the letter outloud and Helina translated. 

Pam, her sponsor, had written specific instructions to Etenesh "wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze tight.  This is my arms around you giving you a hug and telling you how much we love you and pray for you!"

Etenesh broke into a huge smile ...

And this sweet, shy girl turned and gave Paul a big hug and said "give that to Pam!"

And then she turned and hugged Helina too.

Being sponsored by the Kleins has enabled Etenesh to attend Trees of Glory CarePoint in Ethiopia.  Her family was not able to afford schooling for her, but with sponsorship, she is now getting a valuable education along with nutritious meals every day, clean water, clothing, medical care and Christian discipleship. 

With all of her basic needs being met, Etenesh is thriving and looking forward to her future full of hopes and dreams like any teenage girl!  The Klein's letters giver her hope and encouragement because she knows they love her and are praying for her and wrapping her in a hug!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child ($34 per month), we still have a few children at our Kind Hearts CarePoint that are still waiting for a sponsor family.  Please email me at for more information or to be matched with a child.

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Jessica said...

I love these posts. Such a precious girl!