Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Accidental Hiatus

My intention was to continue blogging while we took our annual family vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida.  But I ended up taking an accidental hiatus because we did not have reliable internet access and it was a good excuse to stay focused and truly savor every moment with my kids and my family!

This is our twelfth consecutive year vacationing on Sanibel Island, and as soon as we cross the bridge to the island ... it feels like home.  My dad started this vacation 12 years ago with the intent of dedicating one week out of the year when my mom and dad - and all 3 of their kids and spouses (which now includes 10 grandkids) spend an entire week together doing nothing ... except being together.  And it has turned into a tradition that we look forward to all year long (all 18 of us).

 This is the entire crew, waiting to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, RC Otters. 
Great live music and some of the best fried Grouper on the island!

The 10 cousins, ranging in age from 17 to 4.

I realize more than ever before how important these family traditions are for our kids,
especially since the adoption of our two sons from Ethiopia. 
Tradition and family are of utmost importance!

 Taking a break for ice cream at "Pinochio's" ice cream parlor.

 We always check the tide charts for each day, so we can walk the tidal pools
at low tide to discover shells, starfish, sanddollars and lots of hermit crabs.

Fishing was a favorite activity for everyone this year!  After much fruitless fishing at the local hotspots, we discovered the hottest spot was on the beach right in front of our condos.  In addition to mackerel, whiting, snappers and pinfish ... we caught about 20 little Blacktip Sharks!!

 I read this "fish book" to Wesley so many times that he could name the fish,
tell what their rating was for flavor, and tell you whether it was best to
use artificial, live or cut bait.  It was all in the book and he had it mostly
memorized by the end of the trip! :)

Some of our favorite moments are simply walking on the beach as
the sun is setting, looking for tidal treasures along the shore.


Carol said...

Looks beautiful. What a great family tradition! My family is headed there for vacation in July. Can't wait.

Karla said...

Heavens - made me wanna go back! :)

KLT said...

Thanks for sharing. A great reminder about the joy of family and traditions together. And, of course, the lovely pics...