Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kids helping kids by providing clean water!

Olivia travelled with our team last year to Ethiopia.  She's only 16 and she's got a big heart for children in Ethiopia and a creative eye for photography. 

It was a joy to have her on the team last year, and it has been fun to watch her develop her talent and skills in photography through her blog at

Olivia and her family sponsor a little boy at Trees of Glory care-point and she met him in November and he has stolen her heart - and her entire family's.  I know they think about and wonder about and pray about him every day after meeting him and hearing his tragic history.

Olivia was also with us as the care-point staff talked with us about their big dreams for the care-point and the 100 children currently in their care.  All of the children are destitute and many are orphaned and are living with a relative or neighbor.  Without the services of the care-point, these kids would not be enrolled in school, they would be malnourished and ill, and many of them would still be indentured servants for local livestock owners.  There are about 15 children that live at the care-point full time because they have no family and no care-giver and would be living on the streets.

At the moment, Trees of Glory cares for 100 children, with no running water.  But we want to change that, and once we are able to drill a well on the property, Trees of Glory expects to be able to serve 200-300 children!

Olivia has opened an online Photo Shoppe with her beautiful and creative photography images.  80% of the proceeds will go directly to fund the well project at Trees of Glory (the other 20% will cover her costs for shipping and printing.)  Her photos are a wonderful way to add some beautiful and creative custom artwork to your walls.  Please check out her Drip Drop Photo Shoppe HERE.

The name Drip Drop Photography was inspired by the fresh water well project at Trees of Glory!!

If you want to make a tax deductible donation directly to the Trees of Glory well project, go to, click on GIVE
Select Designated Gift and enter the $ amount of your donation
In the Reference Number, specify ET2119000
In the Notes Area, specify Trees of Glory WELL.

Our goal is to have the funds raised to begin drilling the well in November when our next travel team leaves for Ethiopia to work with the kids at Trees of Glory care-point.

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