Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Much Good News to Report from Ethiopia

We got an outstanding update about 7 year old Webit, who attends our "Trees of Glory" care-point in Ethiopia.  A few months ago, Webit was rushed to the hospital with a severe infection that was overwhelming her fragile body after a "traditional healer/shaman" treated a bone deformity in her leg.  Webit was born with a deformity in her lower leg, and over time the bone continued to grow abnormally making it more and more difficult and painful for her to walk.  Her family took her for treatment by the local shaman and an infection set in, making matters worse. 

With perfect (miraculous) timing, Webit's sponsor family (Laura and Charlie Herwehe) was in Ethiopia for the adoption of their son, and they visited the care-point to meet Webit. 

Webit was carried to the care-point that day on the back of her older sister, and Laura contacted me as soon as she arrived home to tell me about their visit.  Webit whimpered and cried during most of their meeting due to the severe pain in her leg.  Laura was extremely worried about her condition, so I contacted Children's Hopechest who sprang into action.  Laura's church family and many sponsors immediately donated funds to fully cover her treatment and surgery at the hospital!

First, Webit's mother had to agree to treatment and surgery at a hospital - which she could not afford and she was not at all familiar with modern medicine.  Once she consented to treatment, we had to seek approval and permits from the local government to have treatment in Addis at the hospital.  Just in time, the approvals came through as her mother brought Webit to the care-point, near death.  She was rushed to the hospital, and everyone was worried that it may be too late and the infection may have overwhelmed her.

We were relieved to hear within a few days that the infection was being managed and that surgery was scheduled.  Since surgery, Webit has been living at the care-point full time so she can get the medical care, hygiene and healthy food she needs for recovery. 

After surgery, Webit at the care-point under the direct,
loving care of Simret, the care-point director.

Initial discussions with the doctor/surgeon suggested this may be a type of bone cancer and we waited prayerfully for news of the pathology report.  I am thankful to report that the pathology report shows there is no cancer in the bone deformity, the surgery was successful and Webit is on the road to a full recovery! 

Laura and Charlie Herwehe are also now sponsoring Webit's older sister who they met at the care-point when she carried Webit to meet them!  THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for Webit and to everyone who donated funds for her treatment!


I also received new pictures of the well project at "Kind Hearts" care-point today.  The entire project, including the drilling, pipework and water pump, is scheduled to be about a 30 day project, and we will continue getting updates as the work continues. 

For information about the need for water at this care-point (that serves 102 orphaned or destitute children) and the toxic, polluted river that flows near the property, please click HERE to read this post

Here are the most recent pictures as they capped the borehole.  The well is just a short walk down the hill from the main buildings and classrooms at "Kind Hearts".


If you are interested in sponsoring a child at "Kind Hearts" or "Trees of Glory" care-point in Ethiopia, please contact me at  (If you are on the waiting list for sponsoring a child, I will be contacting you soon to match you with a child!)  Sponsorship is $34 per month and provides nutritious food, clothing, clean water, medical care, education and Christian discipleship for one child.  You can write letters to your sponsor child, and I travel to Ethiopia each November with a travel team of volunteers to work with the children and build relationships.

A recent photo of the kids at "Kind Hearts", proudly modeling their school uniforms.

I just received word that because the sponsor program is so well established and the feeding and education programs are in full-swing, both care-points will be enrolling more children by September!  "Kind Hearts" is planning to enroll about 50 more children (now that they have a fresh water well on the property!!) and "Trees of Glory" is planning to enroll about 40 more children (knowing that we are 1/2 way to having the funds raised for a fresh-water well at "Trees of Glory").

This will bring our total to about 150 children at each location!!!  (Just over 300 children in total!!)  Although we want to be able to serve as many children as we can, it's important that each care-point has their feeding program, staffing and classrooms firmly established so that they can fully serve the children in their care.  Both care-points are again at the point where they can expand and serve more children!!!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact me at  I will add you to the sponsor waiting list and then match you with a child as soon as they are enrolled at the care-points! 

Our travel team for November is already forming, and we will be working one-on-one with these kids in just a few short months!!  I would be honored to personally deliver a letter/photos to your sponsor child and take photos while we are in Ethiopia!!


Rachel said...

Praise God that she is healed! What a powerful story and testimony.

Thank you for sharing and thank you for doing and acting.


MamaMimi said...

What an amazing story - thanks for sharing God's work in her life!

Heidi said...

That is just so exciting!! I know of a few that want to sponsor children I will send them your way so fun!
God is so Good healing his precious child... love following her story.