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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News from our Agency

Thursday we have a conference call with our agency and the other October travelling families. Duni will be sharing specific travel information and agency updates, and it is a time to ask questions.

There was also a conference call yesterday with families that are waiting for referrals. The chat group was extra busy yesterday posting notes from the call and discussing recent changes. The biggest change is that we will not be staying at the Hilton, like previous travellers, but instead we will stay at a local Guest House. A Guest House is like a small hotel or B&B and is staffed by a local family and their employees.

I'm glad to hear this news for a variety of reasons. I think we will get a better, first-hand experience of the Ethiopian culture at a guest house, rather than being tucked away in a 4-5 star hotel. In addition, other travelling families will be more accessible for support and friendship, and a local guest house will have more of a direct benefit on the local economy. I've done some quick internet searches and checked other agency blogs and most everything I have seen and read has been very positive. I'm looking forward to it!!

Below is the recent update on referrals for the month of August. Because there are so many kids at the Transition Home (due to the court closure), many of these kids are still in the orphanage and won't be moved to the Transition Home until after the first travel group (7 families) picks up their kids in October.

August Referrals
America World received 11 referrals of children between the ages of 0-6 years for the month of August from Ethiopia. Below are the DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia) of the families who received referrals:

Referrals on August 5, 2008 DTE: 11/1/07- Infant girl

Referrals on August 19, 2008 DTE: 11/19/07- Sibling group under 3, 1/25/08-Sibling group under 6, 2/1/2008-three year old female

Referrals on August 26-29, 2008DTE: 12/21/07- Six year old female

In addition 4 families with DTE of 2/1/08 received referrals of infant boys

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