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Monday, September 8, 2008

September Update!

Photo above: Jay and some of his nephews getting hot rock therapy after a cold swim in Lake Superior ... soon there will be 2 more boys in a photo like this ...

"September Update" - now that's a welcome email title when it comes from Ethiopia! We also received an adorable new picture of the boys. They both look healthy and happy and our 2 year old (T) looks like he is gaining weight - a good thing. (We cannot post pictures of the boys on our blog until we have a successful court date.) Here is an excerpt from our email ...

Both boys are continuing to eat well! T. is a definite two-year old and really wants to do things by himself…like feed himself.

Both boys are good sleepers. T. takes a two-hour afternoon nap.

What beautiful boys they are! D. has darker skin, and just about the prettiest smile ever! T. has lighter skin than his brother, but has the same great (though mischievous) smile. They look physically healthy. Both boys got their heads shaved recently, and look too cool!

D. is still the sweetest boy and continues to ask about his family multiple times a day. T. is now known for being a collector of items... anytime the nannies are looking for something they tell T. to bring it to them, and he knows right where it is! Especially when it comes to all the kids shoes!

Both boys have been very healthy and not dealt with any sickness since they have been in our care.

Later this week we have a conference call with our agency and the other October travelling families to review Ethiopia travel details.

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Julie said...

How exciting to know how they're doing! Hope your call goes well this week.

-Julie (from church)