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Friday, June 19, 2009

A glimpse of the past ...

Today, the boys had a doctor appointment ... just a check up, no concerns. As we checked in and got settled in the waiting room, Jayden (8) asked me, "Why doctor?". I explained it was just to make sure everything is OK. Satisfied with that answer, he went back to playing with a puzzle. We got called by the nurse, and went in to check their height and weight. As we settled in to the exam room to wait for the doctor, Jayden waited for the door to close and then he asked me again, "Why doctor?". Taking note that he had now asked me twice, I explained that the doctor was just making sure they were healthy and that everything is OK.

He gestured toward his arm with a pained look on his face, "Here?"

"No, no shots", I said.

"Here?" he asked, making a pricking motion to his finger.

"No, no owies," I reassured him. "The doctor is just going to make sure you are OK".

He sat for a moment thinking it through and then a slight, wave of worry passed across his face and he asked, "If no OK, where go?"

Suddenly it hit me what he was asking. "If no OK, we go home," I said.

"If no OK?" he asked, wanting reassurance.

"Yes, if no OK, we go home. We always go home together. Maybe we will come back to see the doctor again, but we will always go home together. ALWAYS. OK?"

"OK", he said. And then a little while later, he said ... "I go first, Wesley go second".

I don't know exactly what happened in the past that made him think that if he was not OK he may not be going home with us, but once again, we get just a tiny glimpse into the past, and the fears and concerns our adopted children carry with them. I think it takes time, a long time, for it to fully sink in that they are now part of our family forever. F O R E V E R . Hopefully today was just another brick in the wall of security we have been building around our sons as a family.

On another subject ... On July 16, we have a hearing with a judge to finalize our re-adoption in the state of MN. The boys legally became our sons back in November, in Ethiopia, but on July 16, they will become US citizens, instead of "Permanent Residents" and they will officially become Jayden and Wesley, instead of Dagmawi and Tariku.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!! I am sooo way behind at checking blogs, but I wanted to see the book you were talking about and then happen to read this post about the DR. visit...brought instant tears to my eyes! You guys are doing such a wonderful job with your children! I love to read and see what's going on! Guess I'll have to make sure so much time doesn't pass between readings. :) Missing you guys, though we've never met, and wishing we lived closer...sure would be fun to get together!
Hey! ARe you going to the reunion in Branson??? If any one of us goes, it will most likely be me and the Ezana.
Take care,