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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Made with love ...

The kids at Kind Hearts in Ethiopia are about to get a very special delivery - one that was made with love especially for them!

Sponsor family, Eddie and Julie Mullins, contacted me after seeing recent pictures of the kids in their noticeably tattered, torn and stained clothing. Julie explained that they are involved with a t-shirt printing company and they would like to donate special t-shirts to all of the children at Kind Hearts. The Mullins designed the logo and picked the bright colors for the logo and the shirts, and they printed them yesterday. Eddie and Julie have a beautiful adopted daughter from Ethiopia and they are sponsoring a little boy named Kidane at Kind Hearts.

Ginia, with Children's Hopechest, will be travelling to Ethiopia in April and she will personally deliver the t-shirt to the kids!! And of course she will take lots of pictures of the kids, as they get their new t-shirts with a custom designed "Kind Hearts" logo.

If you want to get involved in sponsoring a child at Kind Hearts - please email me at - and I will contact you as soon as more children enroll. If you have any ideas for fund-raisers to help with some of the capital projects, please get in touch with me. The St. Joseph Christian School in St. Joseph, MO has raised almost $5,000 so far for the fresh-water well at Kind Hearts - and many of the sponsors are doing various fund-raisers as well. I will be returning to Ethiopia in November to work with the kids at Kind Hearts - if you are interested in joining me on that trip, please let me know and I will share details.

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