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Friday, March 19, 2010

What are they up to now???

Have you ever had one of those moments

when your mom instincts

tell you that your kids are up to something?

When you are upstairs

or in another room

and suddenly you realize that it's awfully quiet in the house

too quiet for a house full of 4 kids ...

too quiet.

So you pause in what you are doing

cocking your head to one side

so you can hear better.

And still you hear ... nothing.

Hmmmm ...


That means trouble.

Honestly ... what could they be up to this time????

So you set aside whatever you're doing

and quietly walk down the stairs.

Pausing at the bottom, expecting to hear whispers or giggles

that would give away their location

and whatever mischief they are perpetrating.

I stand corrected.
Carry on kids ...


jamullins said...

Love it!!!

Karla said...

This just so makes me smile!