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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sponsor a Teacher in Ethiopia!

Sponsor a teacher - and make a life-long impact for 84 orphans in Ethiopia!! 

Now that all 84 children at Trees of Glory care-point are sponsored, and getting nutritious meals every day, along with clothing, medical care and Christian discipleship, our next focus is EDUCATION!!

Our goal is to open a school at the care-point by September, so we are focusing on hiring 2 teachers and supporting their monthly salary.  The entire monthly salary for both teachers is $250 ($140 for the head teacher, and $110 for the assistant teacher).

If you are interested in "sponsoring" a teacher and covering their monthly salary (of if you would be interested in committing to a monthly portion of $50 or $25), please contact me at We have two families that cover these monthly expenses at "Kind Hearts" care-point (and write letters to the teachers), and we would like to do the same for the kids at "Trees of Glory".

EDUCATION for these kids is of utmost importance, as it means the difference between a life of grinding poverty, and one of opportunity!! Please spread the word about this opportunity! 

UPDATE:  We have one person that has committed to $100 per month!!  We still need the remaining $150 per month before we can hire the teachers.  Please email me at if you can support the $150, or a portion.  This is an urgent need if we are to have the classroom ready and teachers hired by September!!

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