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Monday, July 12, 2010

Teeny, Tiny Tree Frog

Another summer day and another amazing little discovery. 

Sometimes pictures say a thousand words. 

No additional words from me are needed.


Debb said...

Oh, my! How beautiful are these pictures! You are an amazing photographer, and yes, you have incredibly beautiful children to take pics of! You are most assuredly more words are needed from you. The pictures say so much!

P.S.....I want to THANK YOU for your encouraging words on my blog, when I was struggling with the hurry up and wait of adoption, knowing that NOTHING was happening on the other end of our "wait" time. Reading your words was like breathing refreshing air into my soul. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read, and furthermore, encourage me!

You are one very precious soul, Karen! ;o)

Becky Lee Burk said...

Okay I'm not even going to ask this time I'm just going to take some of these photos and post them on my blog :) I just love your blog and hour photos. can you come to TX and take some pictures of Ezra :) I'm an awful photographer.
By the way I want that baby frog!!! sooo cute.

Angela said...

These pictures are amazing! Love them!