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Sunday, October 24, 2010

That's My Girl!

Three weeks from now (Sunday) we'll be landing in Ethiopia to spend nine intense days with orphaned children at two care-points that we began working with about one year ago. 

My 13 year old daughter is going with me.  She has been there once before, when we adopted her little brothers from Ethiopia two years ago.

She understands the seriousness of the work we are doing there ... and what it means to the kids at the care-points.  She also brings a light-hearted joy to the gravity of the situation as she connects with these kids. 

There were many times when we were there two years ago, when the kids at the orphanages were a little cautious and somewhat frightened of the adults.  But they warmed up instantly to my daughters because kids instantly connect with kids!

Despite the desperate need and the heart-breaking situations she will experience there (and has experienced before) she's still just a 13 year old girl ... and everything that goes along with that.  All the intensity, drama, joy and silliness that's part of being a teen.

This is what it took to get the simple photo shown above.  (Those of you that know her think that she's so quiet and calm and serious.  And she is ... but here's the silliness she shares with her family.  :)

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