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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces!

As of tonight, every single Kind Hearts sponsor family has been emailed photos of their sponsor child as they received their care-package!!  Tomorrow night, I will start working on the Trees of Glory photos and will begin emailing each sponsor family their photos.  Based on how long it took to sort and match the photos for Kind Hearts, the next batch of photos will take 3-4 days.

At Kind Hearts, there are about 100 children attending the care-point now and we wanted to spend quality time with each child as they received this special package from their sponsor family.  While we were delivering care-packages, the rest of the kids were doing various activities with the other travel team members - decorating tote bags, playing soccer or frisbee, making necklaces, making popsicle-stick frames for a photo of themselves, playing parachute games, etc.

We set up a room with 3 "stations", and the kids were anxious to see what was happening in that room.  Each station had 3 chairs - one for the child to sit next to an American, and a translator.  The travel team member (with the help of the translator) explained what was in the care-package to each child.  They showed them each gift and "oooohed" and "aaaaaahed" with them as each item was unveiled.  Some items even needed further explanation if the child looked confused or puzzled.  Letters were read, and each child listened intently to the words.  Finally, photos emerged and I found myself with tears welling up in my eyes as we watched little faces light up with excitement.

As each child left the room with their care-package tucked into their tote-bag for safe-keeping, we watched as they shared the photos of their sponsor family with their friends and teachers.  Throughout the rest of the afternoon, it was heart-warming to see the kids peeking into their bags again and again to look at your photos.

 I love this photo because you can see the kids patiently waiting in line
at the door for their turn!!



Deborah said...

Precious! The sweetest faces I've ever seen.

Melanie Strobel said...

Melt my heart! These children are precious and so adorable! Wondering if you ever received my message about Kolfe?

Wes and Layla said...

I just can't wait to get our pictures!!!!

Michelle said...

Wow. made me cry. beautiful

Debb said...

Seeing the joy and sensing the love these kiddos were feeling, gives me goosebumps! Such beautiful children, with precious eyes that give you a glimpse of their beautiful souls! Oh.My.Goodness!