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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Favorite T-Shirt to Wear!!

UPDATE:  The T-shirts are selling really well (THANK YOU!) and if you are curious about which ones are proving to be favorites ... here are the top 3 sellers so far!

#1 Black Shirt with Sky Blue Artwork

#2 Black Shirt with Bright Purple Artwork

#3 Heathered Espresso Shirt with Sky Blue Artwork

I have a few favorite t-shirts that I wear every weekend, for a few reasons - first, they have a compelling image of Africa or Ethiopia and they are a great conversations starter.  I am often asked about my t-shirt by perfect strangers and we easily end up in a conversation about adoption or the children I work with at Kind Hearts or Trees of Glory CarePoints.  Second - they are quite simply the most comfortable and soft T-shirts that I own!!

For a long time, I have had an idea in my head about what I would design if I would ever decide to create my own custom t-shirt design ... and I finally put that idea on paper and had it developed!  I hope you love it as much as I do!

T-Shirt Front Design 

T-Shirt Back Design (right shoulder) 

Close-Up of Artwork on Front of T-Shirt
The scrollwork pattern forms a heart over the country of Ethiopia! 

Close-Up of Back Right Shoulder Artwork

For 3 weeks only, T-Shirt orders are being accepted.  On October 10, the pre-sale will close and I will place the order for the t-shirts (that way I don't carry any inventory, and every dime can go to support our upcoming volunteer mission team to Ethiopia and the special projects we will be doing in Ethiopia).  Shirts will be shipped at the end of October and our team leaves for Ethiopia on November 11!!

This pre-sale will run for 3 weeks only (until October 10) - please order now and help fund mission teams and projects for the kids that attend our CarePoints in Ethiopia. 

Please click on the SHOPPE WITH A MISSION button below (or on my sidebar) to see the t-shirt designs and color options and to place your secure order through paypal.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

October 10 Update:  The Mission Shoppe is now closed and t-shirts have been ordered.  They will ship as soon as they are printed.  THANK YOU for supporting projects for kids at our Ethiopia CarePoints with the purchase of a shirt!

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