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Friday, September 2, 2011


Wesley's hair was starting to look a bit shaggy - and with us spending so much time in the water this summer, I wasn't able to condition it and separate the curls as often as before.  So some areas were starting to get a little matted and the ends definitely looked like they needed a trim.

The last time I cut Wesley's hair, I didn't cut enough, so this time I was making sure I cut off enough.  It's quite a lengthy process, because I have to deeply condition his hair and then brush/comb through all of the tangles until I can cleanly comb through it in order to cut it.  It takes a LONG time - and of course he's kinda squirmy.

So I started dividing his hair into sections and cutting (disclaimer - I am not a professional hair cutter/stylist and have absolutely no training) and as I strived to keep it all even I had to trim a little more here and a little more there - by the time I finished, it was drastically shorter than it was before.  Yikes!

He kept telling me to "just shave it like Jayden's!" but I can't bear parting with those gorgeous curls.  His hair is still a good 3-4" long (but I did cut about 6" off).  I decided to try finger coils - and with his hair so conditioned and detangled, his hair was so easy to coil.

This morning - I touched-up just a few of the coils in the back becuase they got fuzzy from sleeping on them.

Emme was sleeping overnight at a friends, and when she got home this morning, her mouth dropped open in shock at Wesley's new look.  "Who are you?!?!?  I don't even recognize you?!?!?" she shrieked with a huge smile.  Wesley replied, "My name is Wesley."

We are THAT family that puts things off until the last minute.  School starts Tuesday - and so we finally got around to getting our school supplies.

We are planning to do some of this (see below) over the weekend too! What are your plans for the long weekend?


Kathleen said...

Wow! I love Wesley's new doo! I loved the old look too though :)

Plan on doing some of the same this holiday weekend! Enjoy!

KLT said...

Nice twists!

Since Jadon's hair has been growing out more, the Nudred doesn't really do the trick for twists. But I have found that I can get really quick coils going by getting everything really moisturized and, then, using a boars hair bush, rubbing in circles around his head until the twists start to appear. It's not as clean a look as your twists, but it is quick, cute, easy, and seems to help hold in some moisture...

I so hear what you say about not wanting to give in and loose those fabulous curls!

Debb said...

LOVE Wesley's finger coils!!!! Girl, you're gonna have to give me some tips when it comes time to do Baby K's hair! You definitely have it figured out!!!! *HUGS*