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Monday, December 5, 2011

Their Eyes Lit Up When They Saw the Blankets ...

Apryl Harbaugh recognized a need for blankets for the kids at our CarePoints, knowing that the temperatures at night can get rather chilly and that many of these kids don't have much more than the clothes they wear every day.  Most of them sleep on the dirt floor of their home, with little more than a shared blanket and a few animal hides.

She put the word out among friends, family and church - and many of our sponsors got involved as well.  We ended up collecting about 500 blankets - soft, cozy, hand-made fleece tied blankets in a rainbow of colors and patterns.  We collected so many that we were worrying about how we would get them all to Ethiopia.  But we did get them all there!

The kids at Trees of Glory CarePoint were the first to receive their care-packages - and each child received a blanket as well.  Their eyes just lit up when they saw the blankets ... on top of the care-package they had just received.  Some of the little kids were dwarfed by the big roll of a blanket they received but they wrapped their little arms around it and we could tell they were so excited to bring them home!

Below are just a few photos from the day we handed out individual carepackages to each child at Trees of Glory.  The CarePoint had just enrolled about 35-40 new children the week before we arrived - and we made sure to create a care-package and give a blanket to them as well. 

If you are interested in sponsoring one of the new children attending Trees of Glory CarePoint, please contact me at  I can match you with a child immediately and you can begin corresponding wtih them.  We met each of the new kids, and even though they were new to the CarePoint, the excitement of the other kids was affecting the new kids and they were curious and engaged with us right from the start!

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