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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The World Looks Very Different from the Vantage Point of HOPE

Last year when we arrived at Trees of Glory CarePoint in Ethiopia, one of our travel team members was looking forward to meeting his sponsor child for the first time.  Many times, these are joyful meetings .. but when Rob Thomas met his sponsor child, Abush, it was a meeting that shook Rob deeply. 

Abush was shy and withdrawn and kept an emotional wall up during their meeting.  In talking with the staff later, we learned that Abush was keeping a distance because he had lost everyone he loved (both of his parents had died and he had been found wandering the streets alone) and he was afraid to form attachments.

  Abush last year - expressionless and unsmiling, a little boy full of hurt.

Rob spoke with the CarePoint director to find out as much as he could about Abush and what he found out shook him ... he set Abush down and walked away from the group and I watched with tears in my eyes as Rob's shoulders shook with grief for this child.  Sadly - this is the reality for many of the kids at our CarePoints.  But that doesn't have to be the end of their stories ...

Rob and Jennie and their family have continued to provide for Abush through their sponsorship - and have continued to pray (fervently) for him over the past year.  Rob returned to Ethiopia in November and we met again at Trees of Glory CarePoint.  We had time for a quick greeting and family updates, and then I hurried off to do two home visits while Rob stayed at the CarePoint to see the kids.  I wasn't there when Rob and Abush saw each other again .. but I found Abush the next day and got to watch as he received the care-package that Rob and his family had sent with me.  And what a difference a year can make ... a year of prayer, provision, love and perhaps most importantly ... HOPE.

Jennie Thomas tells the rest of the story so much better than I can ... please click over to her blog to read the story behind the smile at www.oliveshootsandmuddyboots.blogspot.comClick HERE.  In her words ... the world looks very different from the vantage point of hope.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Trees of Glory CarePoint, please email me at to be matched with a child immediately.

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