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Sunday, January 8, 2012

CLICK PICK of the week

Most of the time, a photo is carefully planned.  Several angles are tested, various exposures & apertures are tried to get the perfect shot with just the right lighting and depth of field.  And other times, the "click" is lucky (right place, right time) and a great shot is discovered after the fact.  Here's my CLICK PICK of the week.

Sanibel Island, FL.  We were walking on the beach at low tide, and 5 year old Wesley was chasing the birds with his shell bag swinging widely, yelling and laughing as the birds stayed just out of reach.  I had my aperture set to slightly "fuzz" the background while keeping Wesley in sharp focus, framed to the right of the photo.  Clicking rapidly, I was able to catch him in mid-air with a nice reflection in the tidal pool.

Above is the "lucky" shot when a bird flew between us and I was able to put the focal point on the bird to catch it in mid-flight, in crisp, sharp focus.

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