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Saturday, January 21, 2012

CLICK PICK of the week

Most of the time, a photo is carefully planned. Several angles are tested, various exposures and apertures are tried to get the perfect shot with just the right lighting and depth of field. And other times, the "click" is lucky (right place, right time) and a great shot is discovered after the fact. Here's my CLICK PICK of the week.

All 150 kids at Kind Hearts CarePoint in Ethiopia have a sponsor family who is providing for them, loving them and praying for them from afar - they are family from afar.  These are just two of the precious kids at Kind Hearts.  Little Betelihem (top) is new at Kind Hearts and Mintesinote (bottom) has been attending the CarePoint for two years and has emerged as a leader, one the other kids look up to.

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