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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teeth belts are fastened. Ready for take off!

Tuesday was an eventful morning for both girls - as we spent all morning at the orthodontist for braces. 

After the initial consultation where the doctor reviewed the options with me and informed me of the various scenarios we could try and the possible outcomes, I told Jay "It's like mouth architecture - all suspension bridges and scaffolding!"

I didn't realize I would get to sit right next to the orthodontic chair and watch all three hours of it!  The process was quite fascinating.

I kept looking at Maea's hands to see how she was handling it.  Whenever her hands would clench, I could tell she was uncomfortable but she weathered the entire procedure like a trooper!

When they put the lip retractors in (to hold back the lips while the the braces are secured to the teeth), Emme started giggling which caused Maea to laugh which made her lips keep popping over the retractor.  It took us a long time to stop giggling.

Curing the adhesive to secure the braces.

Well??  How do they feel?  Let's see your new smile.

Her teeth are now safely strapped in and she's ready for take off!

Everything was fairly light-hearted, with lots of conversation, questions and laughter until it was Emme's turn. 

This is the mold of her upper teeth with the "expander" that fits up into the roof of her mouth to "expand" the curve of her teeth. There is a little "key" that fits into the center ratchet that I need to tighten every night, which pushes from the inside to expand the curve of her jawline.

Once it was fitted and secured, there wasn't any more laughter.

Emme declined the "after" picture.  (She was in a much better mood the next day :)

When I dropped the girls off at home so I could go to work, Em started crying in frustration telling me, "I can't eat, I can't even swallow with this thing in my mouth." 

She's already doing better with it today and getting used to it - which is good since it needs to stay in place for 4-6 months.  We are hoping it can be taken off before we leave for Ethiopia in November.

Below is the grocery list Maea gave me when I got home from work (made me laugh).

Pudding - lots!
Ice cream
More pudding


Stacy said...

Ahhhh! The expander!!!! Our daughter has one that we have been turning for quite some time now. Hopefully only 6 more weeks in alternate directions twice a day!!! Our calendar is a mess with written reminders about which way to turn each day. We also have a reverse headgear appliance for bedtime! And this is only Phase 1 ! It is different than when I had braces! It's all worth it in the end!

Jessica Lynn said...

I never had an expander, but, I did have to have spacers to create room between teeth. Those were always the worst couple of days. I can only imagine how painful an actual expander would be. :(

Hopefully the process will go smoothly and it'll be done before Ethiopia.

Michelle said...

Expanders are a pain. My seven yr old just got her's off. We only had to turn twice a day for 10 days and then leave it in for 7 months. The hardest thing for her was to get the food out. Eventually she learned how with her tongue but she used this a lot intially: