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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This ... I treasure.

The grown-ups are outnumbered in our family 4 to 2, which makes weekday schedules a bit overwhelming.  Two adult working full time, and four kids in lots of summer activities and soccer season.  Every chance we get on the weekends (between games) we spend time at the lake.

Sometimes it takes the kids a little time to unplug (we have to almost force them away from the computers, TV and cell phones) but once they disconnect, they fall into a very comfortable and relaxed routine with lots of family time!

Wesley hooks 'em and big brother Jayden helps get them off the hook.

The kids like to paddle out around dusk and do some fishing off-shore.  When Wesley is ready to join them, they swing in to pick him up.

As night falls and we sit around the fire, this lit up "tiki hut" boat goes by and makes us smile everytime!

More fishing.

More swimming.

More SUP-ing (Stand-Up Paddleboard - SUP).

More baiting.

More laughing.

Occasionally this dog comes running through our yard and scares Wesley have to death.  I admit, I laughed really hard when it came down the bank and rolled repeatedly in a dead fish and then ran home.  Maybe they will keep him leashed after that?

More fishing.

More sister talk.  This ... I treasure.

Cold swims and warm fires.

More time with friends.

Taking her little brothers for a spin on the SUP.

He got a haircut.  Can you tell?

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