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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July FUN!!!!

Normally, I love to sleep in on weekends (or holidays) but when we go to the lake, its nice to get up early while the lake is still calm and smooth.

Jay heading off for a morning paddle around the lake on the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) - before the lake gets really busy with 4th of July revelers.

When he gets back, I then take it out for a leisurely paddle.  This morning I followed a pair of loons and their juvenile chicks and got to listen to them call back and forth to each other around me!

The SUP is a great way to pass the time for the kids too.  They try to get on it all at once and balance.

"C'mon kids, let's go out on the boat!"

Immediately they respond with ... "I want to go tubing!  I want to go wakeskating!  I want to use the kneeboard!"  I told them, "Settle down, you can do whatever you want today!"

Wesley got a mischievious grin on his face and said, "I want to go ice-skating!"

Good luck with that!  (It's 102 degrees today and the humidity makes it feel like a heavy, hot, wet blanket.)  The only way to combat the heat and humidity (other than air conditioning) is to be able to relax and play in the water - which we did.

Maea waiting for friends to arrive.

We squeezed in some fishing (of course!)

Just as I got in the water, Wesley yells for me to get my camera - he's got a BIG one on the line!

I got settled in the water again, only to have Jayden yell for me because now he caught a big one.

A little snack in the shade and then back to the lake.

The 4th of July boat parade!

It's a busy lake on the 4th of July!

A lite lunch and then relaxing in the shade.

Maea said, "Mom I feel bad for you because you are always taking pictures and are never in the pictures, so I took this one of you."

My sweet thoughtful girl.  Then I reminded her that we did have a picture of me ... right after I fell off the wakeskate. (below)

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