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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Critical Project Completed at Trees of Glory!

A long-awaited project at Trees of Glory CarePoint in Ethiopia is now fully operational and benefitting the kids and the surrounding community!! 

Upon our return from Ethiopia last year, Buffalo Covenant Church in Buffalo, MN asked some of our travel team members to provide an update on our recent experiences in Ethiopia and the church raised funds during the Christmas season to fully construct and stock a poultry farm.  With the recent completion of the well project at Trees of Glory, the poultry project could now be completed.

This project is important because it is a critical step toward self-sufficiency, not only for the CarePoint but also for local families who are living in extreme poverty - with no employment and little access to nutritious food.  Not only will the poultry farm provide a very important source of protein for the kids (meat and eggs) but it will also provide this valuable food source to the local market.  It will also provide employment opportunities and an income source for families who are being taught how to rear chickens for their own food source and income source!!

Whenever our team or any visiting team travels to Trees of Glory CarePoint, we always bring fresh fruits and vegetables from the capital city of Addis Ababa because they are not available in the local markets.  The same is true with chickens and eggs - they are just not available in the local market and the surrounding villages will benefit greatly from the poultry farm at Trees of Glory CarePoint.

Thank you to Buffalo Covenant Church for supporting this critically important project in Ethiopia!!

Construction on the main poutry building began in March. 

The traditional building method of eucalyptus trees and mud construction (coated with cement) was selected for its insulating properties because night-time temperatures can get too cold for poultry.

 A view of the spacious interior before the chicks arrive.

 300 young chickens arrive and are carefully reared with consultation and
training from experts to make sure they remain healthy and productive.

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