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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Huge Impact (Video)

In follow-up to yesterday's post (read below), here are two video clips from "feast day" at Trees of Glory CarePoint in Ethiopia.

The first video shows the kitchen and food preparation.  This is the kitchen that our volunteer team built at Trees of Glory two years ago!  Today it provides much-needed shelter from sun and rain, a raised hearth for cooking, storage for bulk foods, and RUNNING WATER!!

The second video shows the lunch room full of kids enjoying their hearty meal!  With 175 kids now enrolled at Trees of Glory, the running water (for cooking, washing hands, drinking, washing clothes and showering) has made a HUGE impact on the CarePoint's ability to care for the kids!  The kids are healthier than ever before - much of that is due to good nutrition, love and medical care, but clean water also plays a critical role!

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