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Friday, December 28, 2012 Death's Door ...

It's been about two years since we first became aware of the condition of a little girl in Ethiopia (Webit) at our Trees of Glory CarePoint, who was born with a leg deformity and had recently been treated by the village shaman which caused a severe infection. She was rushed to the hospital at death's door, the infection was brought under control, surgery was performed and a large section of the bone was removed. (See original post HERE.)

Many families (especially her sponsor family, the Herwehes) have continued to pray for Webit over the last 2 years. 

Last year, when my volunteer team was at the CarePoint in November, Webit had just taken a turn for the worse and it seemed the infection (and significant pain) was setting in again.

Her older sister was carrying Webit to and from the CarePoint and to each of her classes. When I picked her up, she seemed as light as a feather and I could feel her bony frame as I carried her to the lunch room. Her leg was swollen and painful and hot to the touch, and it was clear she was losing weight and needed medical attention again.


Webit with her older sister, Belyu.

Since then, Webit has been seen by the bone specialist again who prescribed antibiotics for an infection and specific physical therapy to strengthen her leg.  Webit has been living at the CarePoint in Simret's care so that she has ample nutritous food and the physical therapy can be correctly and regularly administered.

When the kids greeted our team this year, Webit was the child in front of all the kids, who with only a slight limp, walked up to me with a handful of roses and kissed my cheek!

Her leg is still swollen and she will probably always walk with a limp due to her bone deformity and surgery. 

But she is healthy, with full cheeks and a beautiful smile - and she is alive today because of the swift intercession of people who love her and provide for her and pray for her!!  Webit will continue to need occasional doctor visits and perhaps at some point, her leg will require surgery again. 

Her care package this year included brand new New Balance tennis shoes for her and her sister because her sponsor family knows how important it is for the girls to have a good pair of shoes in this rugged terrain.

Hilena (with Children's HopeChest) and Paul Cooper from our volunteer team,
read Webit's letter to her and deliver her care-package from her sponsor family.


Last year, we established a medical fund at Trees of Glory to provide for Webit's doctor visits and for other emergency medical situations (for 175 kids).  That fund has been depleted and needs to be replenished so that the CarePoint staff can get medical care for the kids whenever it is required. 

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation to the medical fund,
Please go to,
Click on GIVE
Use Reference Number ET2119000 and
Specify MEDICAL in the notes area

And THANK YOU for providing medical care to the kids at Trees of Glory CarePoint!

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