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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happiness is ....

For my daughter who loves exploring outdoors, happiness is . . . sitting next to a mountain stream within a few feet of a drowsy, 12-point bull elk. See that smile? That is pure joy!

On Saturday night, we had dinner with the Hutchinson family who live only about 35 miles from us. What a great connection to make! We both received our referrals in the month of June and we have the same court date - Oct 8. With a successful court date, we will be travelling together to Ethiopia on Oct 25! The Hutchinsons have 3 beautiful children and are adopting 2 sweet little girls that are living at the Transition Home with our 2 little boys!

We are so fortunate to have this family close by - to travel together to the other side of the world, experience this amazing journey together - and then to have our children who have lived at the Transition Home together for many months, be able to maintain that connection here in the U.S. - nothing short of amazing!


Anonymous said...

Same here!!! We are so excited to travel with all the Oct. 8 families!! How fun that you got together with the Hutchinsons!!! Can you believe court opens in 2 weeks and if we pass we travel in just over a month?!!! Wow!!! :)
Are you getting packed yet?
Take care!
With love,

Anonymous said...

PS Looks like you guys have had a fabulous summer! I love the "Happiness is..." That was great! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so not a last minute person when it comes to being prepared for something! LOL Wow! Sounds like you guys have a lot of donations! That's so cool! Hey, are your kids going with you guys? Have you gotten any clarification from Duni on where we will be staying and if you can bring family with you? Didn't sound too good on the last CC. All I know is I'm NOT sharing a bathroom! LOLOLOL
Can't wait to meet you guys too! Should be quite a trip, huh?!
Can't wait!
Love, Amy

Jori said...

Ok - so I love the photo and am so excitted for you guys to be traveling soon!! What a GOD BLESSING the you are so close to the Hutchinsons and the kids will still have each other!! I just know they are playing with my girls everyday as well! We are in Idaho and SO love the outdoors as well!! :):)
AND someone had to post besides AMY!! :):) (I love ya Amy)