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Friday, November 21, 2008

Less than one week!

This weekend we are focusing on our final preparations for travelling to Ethiopia to meet our sons and bring them home!  Because previous travel groups discovered that we cannot access our blogger account while in Ethiopia, I am writing this blog post via my yahoo account, which can be accessed in Ethiopia.  So this blog post is a test ...
Since calling home will be difficult while we are in Ethiopia - I am hopeful that we will have regular access to the internet and I will be able to keep friends and family updated while we travel.  Your prayers in the days ahead are very appreciated!  We leave for Ethiopia on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day - and we are thankful for countless blessings this year!

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small world said...

This will be the Thanksgiving to remember! We are so happy for you and grateful to God for seeing your family through this adoption. It is worth the wait. Etsegenet is sleeping right now for the first time in her bed just steps away from my room! Praise won't be long for you now!
Love, Theresa VanWetten