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Friday, November 7, 2008

A letter to our sons ...

When we found out that we did not pass court on Oct 8 (after being delayed 2 months after not passing court in early August), I was of course devastated, but I was also worried about what Dagmawi would think. Were we ever coming to get him and his brother???

Amy Lusse and I had quite a bit of contact before the court date and when we didn't pass, I asked her to please tell Dagmawi what had happened and reassure him that we are coming as soon as we can! She promised to do just that and then said, If it was me in your situation, there are so many specific things I would want to say, what do you think about writing a letter and I will bring it to him? I loved the idea and asked her to have Fortuna, the nurse at the Transition Home who seems to have a special bond with Dagmawi, read and interpret it for him.

Here are pictures from that moment - and the boys are holding the care packages we sent ... It is so amazing seeing items that were in our home only days ago, then in the hands of our sons a few days later.

Here is what Fortuna is reading to Dagmawi ... (have you ever tried to write a letter to a 7 year old about court delays that are impossible to understand??)

October 15, 2008

A letter to our sons in Ethiopia …

Dear Dagmawi and Tariku –
It seems that we have known you for so long now … we have your pictures everywhere in our house, and I carry them in my purse so I can show our friends and our family. I tell everyone "these are my sons in Ethiopia and they will be home with us very soon!"

We thought we would be traveling to Ethiopia by now to meet you for the first time. Rachel and Duni are still working so hard to get all of the paperwork finished so that you will be our sons.
Your sisters and your daddy and I were so sad when we found out that we had to wait longer. So I asked our friend, Amy, to read this letter to you and to give you a hug from your family. Don’t be sad or scared, we love you very much and we will come to Ethiopia as soon as we can.

There are so many things I want to tell you – about your sisters and all of your cousins, who ask about you everyday. About your bedroom, which you will share with Tariku (each of you have your own bed) and everything is ready and waiting for you – even with clothes in the drawers and toys in the closet. We think about you and pray for you every day and we can’t wait to have you home with us!

Your mommy and daddy love you and we miss you. You have sisters, and cousins, and grandparents, aunts and uncles that love you so much. You have a very large and loving family in America!! We will come to you as soon as we can. Know that we love you very much!

Love, Mom, Dad, Emme and Maea

And now that day is closer than ever!! We booked our flights today and will be leaving on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 27)!

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Carpenters said...

What a beautiful letter. You did a wonderful job. Now the race to be packed and ready before you leave begins.

With Love,